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Yalla Sport

Yalla Sport is changing the way people watch live football matches. They're breaking the etiquette of live streamin for their viewers

You and your friends can catch the live football streams from anywhere in the world. At YallaSports the disregard the copyright rules for your live streams

Yalla Sport Football Kora live stream matches مباشر الجديد

Nicole Sommer - Soccer expert Last updated: Wednesday, 05.October 2022 — 3min read

If you want to watch football live then the live stream should be easy-to start or directing you towards a legal streaming service. However, that isn't always an option nowadays with all of these clones popping up who claim they have better quality than YouTube... but it's really not true in many cases. One site I tried was Yalla Shoot New that has youtube video streams so it seems legit. Just the language barrier to overcome but then what is football without a commentator in your preferred language? Not everyone speaks Arabic.

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Yalla Sport Football Kora live stream matches مباشر الجديد

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